Walk and Talk Therapy

In addition to a traditional office setting, I am excited to offer walk and talk therapy here in Milton. This allows clients the option to take the session outdoors if desired. The beautiful Mill Pond is a block away or some clients like to take a stroll through the tree lined streets of downtown Milton.  There are multiple benefits of walking outdoors. Besides the obvious physical benefits, there are also well documented emotional benefits. Exercise stimulates our endorphins, neurotransmitters that block pain and create feelings of pleasure. Research supports the use of exercise as an alternative to medication for patients with depression. Walking is something clients can do at home of course but what makes it particularly effective in the therapy setting is that exercise stimulants problem solving. For many clients it helps them become ‘unstuck’ from typical thought patterns. The interaction between therapist and client is also more relaxed while walking. When you’re not having to look someone directly in the eye it can be easier to express thoughts and feelings. So if the idea of being on the couch is keeping you from therapy, walk and talk might be a good alternative.
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